A downloadable game for Windows

- What? -

Demon Waltz is a short, lighthearted rpg about demons, hell, ghosts, blood, wolves, and other things.

- Features -

Original Assets

All the art in Demon Waltz is 100% hand-made. No stock assets were harmed in the making of this rpg.

Side Quests

Sure, we've got those.


Who likes grinding?


No, Demon Waltz prides itself on being 100% bee-free

(wonderful header by anon)

Install instructions

Setting up Demon Waltz is as easy as any other rpgmaker game

  1. make sure you have the rpg maker xp rtp
  2. download the game
  3. in the Demon Waltz folder, run the game application


demon_waltz.zip 240 MB

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